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Being alone has always been hard for me. After my recent breakup I have been going completely insane with sitting at my house all day by myself. My friends have started noticing my downturn and have been coming around more to check in and see how I am feeling. This morning my cousin even stopped by, and to my surprise she had a gift. When I opened up my gift box, I found a small card that said, “enjoy your evening and live a little.” I had no idea what it meant until just a few minutes ago when a man from Manchester escorts showed up at my door. So needless to say, I need to go get ready for my knight in shining armour. I hope everyone is wishing me the best of luck on my date, because I am surely going to need it!



I have been so behind on everything lately including bills and work. I have showed up everyday on time, but once I get there my head gets overcrowded with what I need to do. All this just happened recently because my wife left me and I have been trying very hard to block it out. All the blocking out is doing is making it hard for me to function mentally. I’ve tried partying to clear my head, I have tried drinking and I have tried dating with Sheffield escorts, but nothing is working. If I don’t figure out how to move past this soon I am afraid I will lose my job. My boss understands my situation but will not let my lack of motivation bring down the business and I do not blame him for it. So lets just all hope I can do this with a little help from my friends and family.